Creativity and Techniques: Teaching Literature Vs. Short Story

Istabraq Tariq Al-Azzawi

Journal of Surra Man Raa مجلة سر من رأى
ISSN: 18136798 Year: 2009 Volume: 5 Issue: 14 Pages: 205-233
Publisher: university of samarra جامعة سامراء


This paper sets up to investigate and correlate between creativity and techniques in teaching literature vs. short story and how the teacher is going to manage the whole process of teaching by his/ her creativity helping the students to understand the literary text as a way to learn the new language. There are many techniques which may be used by the teacher to create an interesting and creative atmosphere through his/ her pedagogic practice. Hemingway' s " Cat In The Rain" is going to be taught as an example.
Creativity means" involving the use of skill and imagination to produce something new or a work of art" (Hornby, 2004: 294),Wher as, technique is defined as "a particular way of doing something, especially one in which you have to learn special skills" (Hornby, 2004: 1334-5). Literature is used in teaching the second or foreign language as Carter& Nunan( 2001: 180) assure that" literature in language teaching has a long pedigree. It was fundamental part of foreign language teaching in the “classical humanist paradigm" , because " literature is a legitimate and valuable resource for language teaching" (Cater& Long, 1991: 4). Younis also (1998: 21) claims that" teaching literature and language is interdependent. In order to have better grasp of literature, the student must have a proper training of these skills" , because " literature demonstrates language in use as its best" (Ibid. : 13). In teaching literature there are many activities which can be used through teaching the literary texts. The question that may impress itself is how can a group of activities work together and be sequenced?. To use techniques creatively, there should be a good ground. This is as Protherough (1986: 35) explains" in the triangle of forces the teacher-students –text, how can we use our relationship with the group and the text to make that other relationship between students and book, as fruitful as possible? " .


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