Dr. Mohamed Basil K. Al-Azzawi --- Dr. Sahar Mahfoodh Salih

Journal of Surra Man Raa مجلة سر من رأى
ISSN: 18136798 Year: 2012 Volume: 8 Issue: 30 Pages: 271-283
Publisher: university of samarra جامعة سامراء


The issue of a renewal notice is a courtesy gesture as there is no legal requirement to do so. The exact legal status of the notice once issued will depend on the wording of it. If the notice merely reminds the assured that this policy requires on a certain date, it is probably just a reminder and serves no legal purpose. The assured would then offer to renew and the company could accept or reject that offer.The present study aims at : 1.clarifying gesture in the renewal notice and its impact on translating it. 2.proposing some recommendations for the translators in insurance companies. This work attempts to verify the following hypotheses that : 1.identifying the linguistic features of a text, in the way 'register analysis' does, is insufficient to address problems and priorities of the translator in the process of interlingual communication. 2.other dimensions are needed such as the pragmatic and semiotic besides the linguistic one in order to address the practicalities of serving purposes and performing functions through translation. The conclusions drawn from this study are stated as follows:1.national Insurance Company/Iraq and Yemen Saba' Company have the same layout of Insurance Policy Renewal Notice, but there are differences in their contents, while Bahrain Kuwait Insurance have their own layout. 2.the document of Bahrain Kuwait Insurance confirms that the certificate understudy is a courtesy gesture and not a legally binding one by stating, the word (reminded)