استنباط نموذجين رياضيين لتخمين الاشعاع الشمسي الكلي الساقط على السطح الافقي في مدينة الموصل

وليد اسمر جاسم الرجبو --- مصطفى احمد محمد

Journal of College of Education مجلة كلية التربية
ISSN: 18120380 Year: 2010 Issue: 3 Pages: 189-202
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


The results of global solar radiation falling on ho五zontal surfacein Mosul city for the time se五es(1980-2005)were Studied andanalyzed. Gaussian model represents the nollllal dismbution Ofmonthly means for daily data as a function of month's nurnber of ycaronly was found with local constants.This model gives a high accuracy in applying,where the correlation coefficient between measured andestimated values was (R=0.996).New two mathematical models also found in this study toestimate global solar radiation on plane surface. The first one as afunction of relative humidity and cloudiness. The second as a functionof difference between maximum and minimum temperatures,cloudiness and relative humidity. The Performance of both were veryhigh and (M.A.E) not accessed 2.53Vo , 1.407o respectively.The correlation coefficient values that we obtained betweenmeasured and estimated data was (R=0.997) for the first model and(R=0.998) for the second one.