The Quranian Vocabulary (Between its written form in the Holy Book (Quran) and the Arabic Spelling Rules: Short Female as a Simple).

المفردة القرآنية بين رسم المصحف وقواعد الأملاء العربي ((تاء التأنيث القصيرة ((المربوطة)) انموذجا)

D.Salema J. Ghanim د0سليمة جبار غانم

Journal of Basra researches for Human Sciences مجلة ابحاث البصرة للعلوم الأنسانية
ISSN: 18172695 Year: 2007 Volume: 32 Issue: 1-A Pages: 5-32
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


this research deals with the written form of some letters in Quran, particularly the world that have two different written shapes, for instance the world which have a linked female have been mentioned in Quran with a long open. The following words (vocabularies) were written in these two letters:Emra ---- emratJana ---- janatRahma ---- rahmatSuna ---- sunatKelma ---- kelmat ect.The researcher has tried to link all these things with meaning (give semantically justification). Moreover, the current work shows the opinions of some linguists as far as the written form of Quran is concerned: whether it is a success (granted by God) or an assiduity of the Companions of the prophet and others. This paper rejected the idea that there is a mistake in the written form of letters of Quran. In addition, there are other result will be shown in this paper. After all, it is as attempt to understand the holy book (Quran) and Arabic language.

تناول البحث الشكل الكتابي لبعض حروف القرآن الكريم،خاصة لدى الأمم التي نوعين مختلفي في الكتابة0وقد حاول البحث ربط كل هذه الاشياءمع المعنى (اعطاء مبرر دلالي)0 علاوة على ذلك فقد بين البحث آراء بعض اللغويين الذين كتبوا عن القرآن قدر تعلق الأمر بالشكل القرآني فيما اذا كان نجاحا منحه الله او هو اجتهادا من الصحابة0


The Quranian Vocabulary --- Holy Book --- Quran --- Arabic Spelling Rules --- لمفردة القرآنية ، رسم المصحف ،قواعد الأملاء العربي ،تاء التأنيث القصيرة ،