(مِــــــنْ) بين الاستعمال القرآني وفهم النحاة

شكيب غازي بصري الحلفي

kufa studies center journal مجلة مركز دراسات الكوفة
ISSN: 19937016 Year: 2014 Volume: 1 Issue: 32 Pages: 48-64
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


This study is one of thousand attempts that had dealt with thee holy Quran to serve it,firstly ,and to curry favor with his Allmighty God Second,hence,to Select This Phenomenon is an attempt,by the researcher,to understand one of the charecteristics of the Quraic text lnimitability.the study had been based on five hypotheses wich represnted an approack to resolve the study problem. The semantic ability of the Quranic The resources on wich the study depeds aea vavied,started with the interpretation books,theS linguistical books with their semantic whtgere they were phonetic ,morflogic or grammatical,in addition to the scientific resources of the pure specialization such as medicine,psychology,music,…etc,wich the researcher to explaine mang of the quranic uses that have on explaine in the books of interetion. The method of this research is an integral one with three direction,adiscriptive,statistical and analytic it is anatural response for the nature of the subtect,because if the description depends on statistics,the semantic analyis will be completed. The important of this study comes as an intention study. Standing the direct discovery, which is specialized to the rung audible and direct

ان هذا البحث الموسوم بـ((مِنْ) بين الاستعمال القرآني وفهم النحاة)محاولة لإبراز بعض الإسرار الجمالية التي افرزها الاستعمال ألقراني لـ(مِنْ) ذلك الجمال الذي شُتّت بما سنّه نحاة الكوفة من(إسطورة)إنابة الحروف بعضها عن بعض لأنهم سحبوا الاستعمال القرآني المطلق على جنس خطابهم المحدود فحصل التناقض متناسين ان للغة القران سمات أسلوبية هي سر إعجازه وأساس رفعته


مِــــــنْ --- بين الاستعمال القرآني وفهم النحاة