International Political Economy:Perspectives, Structures & Global Problems

International Political Economy:Perspectives, Structures & Global Problems

Dr. Hanaa A. HAMMOOD د. هناء عبد الغفار حمود

Iraqi Journal For Economic Sciences المجلة العراقية للعلوم الاقتصادية
ISSN: 18128742 Year: 2011 Issue: 28 Pages: 187-222
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


Abstract This essay focuses on contemporary International Political Economy IPE science. IPE today widely appreciated and the subject of much theoretical research and applied policy analysis. The political actions of nation-states clearly affect international trade and monetary flows, which in turn affect the environment in which nation-states make political choices and entrepreneurs, make economic choices. It seems impossible to consider important questions of International Politics or International Economics without taking these mutual influences and effects into account .Both economic (market) and political (state) forces shape outcomes in international economic affairs. The interplay of these and their importance has increased as “globalization” has proceeded in recent years. Today’s Iraq faces many political, economic and social complex challenges, thus its openness and its integration into the global economy are necessary to overcome political and economic transition’s obstacles. This required an analysis within the frame of IPE to help economists, policy makers and civil society understand how economic and political conditions around the world impact present and future development in Iraq. The nature of dynamic interaction between state ( power-politic) and market ( wealth- economy) in changing globalized world will led in Iraq post – conflict country that their parallel existence often create tensions and greater economic and social role for the state. Iraq’s today face three main challenges; political challenge, financial resources challenge, and finally economic reforms challenges. Mixed economy for Iraq is perfect to move into a liberal economic system open to the global market conflict.