Over the application and success of finance leasing in the Libyan banks


The Finance Lease is considered as one of the economic forms of financing that provides projects obtaining the equipment and capital assets without having to perform a full value or even provide a big boost in advance, but it is limited to the performance of the fare payable for each period while maintaining the right of ownership of these assets for tenants so that they can recover these assets in case of the failure of tenants to pay the debts owed on them, and In the case of the bankruptcy of the tenant, the assets are not included in the bankruptcy of the tenant Due to the importance of role that the large commercial banks play in the economic life, it has to be a study on the activity of Finance Lease and how to apply it in commercial banks, and the extent of success applying this activity in the Libyan banks. This paper addresses the following topics: - Introduction about the Finance Lease . - Comparison between the Finance Lease activity in Islamic banks than in the traditional. - The Challenges that facing the Finance Lease activity in Libya. - Results and recommendations