Ethnic conflicts in Africa and ways to manage


If the ethnic pluralism management strategies representing the general framework from which the ruling regimes in dealing with the demands of the ethnic groups, and if the political institutions as buildings which are made through interaction with and respond to the demands of the group’s operations.Systems are ruling employ as tools of public policies to achieve many of the purposes or objectives and without the system's ability to utilize public resources and use them in maintaining stability, it will not be able to him to maintain continuity in the light of what posed the alternative elites of the demands and challenges of the practices of the system and the foundations upon which the matter.On the other hand we see that the effectiveness of the group's demands depends on the size of the ethnic group and the aspirations of its elite and the degree of cohesion and regional concentration observed territory of wealth and poverty, where we can say that there is a direct correlation between each of these elements and the effectiveness of the demands of the ethnic group.