US foreign policy toward East of Africa After the events of September 2001 (The constants and The variables(


East of African region wasn't far from the eyes of the political decision maker of the US Foreign policy . On the contrary, the East Africa was under the US microscope since the end of the fifties of the last century. The United States had many attempts for digging its feet out in the east African region until the beginning of Cold War in order for the political decision maker of the US Foreign policy to implement his goals in achieving its interests in this strategic vital region. However, the United States was unable to be effective only after 1991, when the disintegration of the Soviet Union collapsed because it was the competitor pole across the African continent, especially since the wars and competition between them were not to be as a real confrontation just via their agents in the region. Particularly, the East of African region of the Sudan and even Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Uganda. The United States has not forgotten the region. It is in her mind but it dedicated the proper time to be put in its global play.So there were constants i.e. fixed political, economic and security policy objectives in the US foreign policy. Never the less, its strategies towards the region have been changed from time to time, according to the US strategy to protect its national security depending on allegations of US administration over all past eras.