The relation between the mathematical communication skills and the tendency towards the mathematic itself , among the students of the basic education collage


There are few lecturers, who perfect the skills of doing the interesting lectures of thinking, as well as managing the investigative discussion. These mathematical communication skills, represented in listening speaking and acting, are regarded as one of the basic skills in the teaching field. They are (skills) require the lecturers to conduct various activities to develop them and know how effective they are on learning. We can make clear the significance of the present research as the following: 1-The significance of the university form, which is regarded as one of the most significant form in building and serving society. 2- The significance of the students of the basic education college, who will be academic lecturer in the future, and their assignments will be passing the scientific material appropriately to their students and developing their skills and tendencies. 3- The significance of the mathematical communication skills, which are regarded as an essential goals of teaching the mathematics in the public education forms. That's why the researcher took the initiative to do the present scientific research, which goals at dealing with the relation between the mathematical communication skills and the tendency towards the mathematics itself among the basic education students. And to achieve the goal of this research and its theories, the researcher went through some procedures, one of them is: •Doing some tests on the mathematical communicative skills, consisting of (26) items, essay type, divided on these mentioned skill, the way to be fit with the planned skills and the scientific material. •Setting the tendency scale towards the mathematics, which consists of (30) items. •The test on the research sample for this mathematical communication skills has been done as well as measuring this mathematical tendency. •After treating the mathematical datum, using all statistical methods, we have reached the following results: •The students of the mathematics department, located in the basic education college, have the mathematical communication