Sovereign and The odious debts of Iraq


Although Iraq is rich in natural and human resources، its economy has suffered many setbacks because of the political and economic conditions it has experienced over the past decades. Whether it is external borrowing in the form of government and other loans or internal borrowing in the form of issuing bonds and treasury transfers to meet the shortfall in financing the deficit، but some of these debts are considered odious debts that citizens did not enter or And the most important ones that spent their money on the purchase of conventional weapons or on the programs of so-called weapons of mass destruction provided by the States of Iraq for political and economic purposes burdened the Iraqi economy and such debt has failed some countries to meet them after the change of political systems or systems of government opened the door To take other countries and tend the same direction، including Iraq، Iraq's negotiations with the creditors within the so-called Paris Club has succeeded in canceling about 80% of the debt to these countries in order to revive Iraq's economy again a few of the legacy of the past.