The exteut of using observation skill in counstliny process for educatioud counselors


The current research aims at identifying the extent to which the skill of observation is used in the counseling process of the educational counselors, and the significant difference in the use of observation skill in the counseling process of the counselors according to gender variable. To achieve the current research aims, the researchers conducted the following procedures: The research population consisted of (1863) educational counselors working in the primary, middle, secondary schools affiliated to the general directorates of education in the city of Baghdad. The researchers constructed a measure of the skill of observation according to the theory of Pandora, the number of items (20) The indicators of face and construction validity and reliability in two methods , the test -retest and Alfa-Kronbach equation, and the statistical methods used are the T-test of one sample, the T-test of two independent samples, the Pearson correlation coefficient, and Alfa-Kronbach equation. The most important results were:- There are statistically significant differences between the sample scores meau and the assumption mea of the observation skill scale. This difference is for the mean the sample .- There are differences of statistical significance of the scale of the skill of observation between educational counselors according to gender variable and this difference is for counselors (female). The most important conclusions:- The skill of observation is a basic tools on which the eaducation counselor depenels on to follow the behavior of the person. Finally, the researchers came up with a set of recommendations and suggestions.