Critique of atheistic views of some Modernists


The purpose of the article is the brief explanation and critique of the contemporary atheistic ideas, and particularly the intellectual bases and arguments of Sami Labib. He is among those who limit the knowledge and reality in the realm of the material world. Therefore, he denied everything beyond the grasp of the experiment. So he rejected the self-evident principles of reason and the realm of abstract realities including God the creator. He claims that the belief in the existence of an abstract deity is just a delusion and perception created by the human mind as a result of ignorance, and fear caused by natural phenomena and that the religions are man-made. To substantiate these claims, he has relied on some fallacies, some scientific theories, and the deviant and extremist behaviors in religious societies. After explaining the history of contemporary atheism and its stages, and showing how the concept of atheism has been evolved, and how it has been divided into four types and on which criterion, we have discussed the ideas and grounds on which Sami Labib has denied the existence of a creator god in every type of atheism. After discussing these points, we have stated the criticism of those grounds and opinions, and we have shown their weakness and contradiction in themselves, and their contradiction to the self-evident principles of reason.