The contribution of information technology in improving the skills of accounting students and their role in future reform


:The rapid development in the areas of information technology and its multiple uses in accounting work requires the need to think about how to adapt the means of information technology to suit the nature of accounting education, especially after the increased need for accounting work in a technological environment, which required that the accountant be prepared to deal with these Techniques starting from the stages of education and until the practice of accounting work as well as the need for continuing education after that in order to be able to deal with the developments that can occur in technological techniques that are used in accounting work later, has been the problem of study In the questions raised by the researchers, the most important of them: Is it possible to take advantage of the means used in information technology in the field of accounting education that can contribute to increase its efficiency and effectiveness The study population has represented the accounting department in the Faculty of Management and Economics while the study sample consisted of 64 teaching and to achieve the objectives The study used a descriptive analytical method, and the main tool for data collection is (questionnaire), and the researchers used the global standards tested for the major variables, as these measures were adapted to the study. A set of statistical tools (SPSS) were used to present the analysis of responses. A number of statistical methods were used (weighted mean, correlation coefficient and simple linear regression equation).The study reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is that the accounting curricula applied in the faculty of management and economics do not provide graduate students with the capabilities and skills of modern technology, so the study recommended the need to review the current plans and curricula in the departments of accounting and science to develop them through attention to modern technological aspects to provide students Graduates with modern technological abilities and skills required for employment.Keywords: accounting education, information technology