Exploring the Linguistic Features in A. Sillitoe's The Loneliness of the long Distance Runner: A Stylistic Study


This study presents a stylistic analysis of Sillitoe's novel providing examples of foregrounding of structural patterns as well as the grammatical forms used by the characters. It attempts to investigate the style and the language of the novel by focusing on the overall structure of the novel thereby leading to a deeper understanding of the text. Moreover, the researchers propose to study how specific grammatical structures reflect both the writer's belonging to a social group, and his idiosyncratic style. The researchers also intend to consider how these structures reflect the basic themes of the story itself. This in turn will lead them to consider to what extent a stylistic analysis can be of value to the study of grammatical forms and other features. All the linguistic features, used by Sillitoe, create cohesion and coherence i. e., they make his novel more sensible and readable as well.