Study of adult onset spontaneous primary hypothyroidism in Salahaddin Province


It is generally believed that primary hypothyroidism in adults is the sequel of autoimmune
atropic thyroiditis, also there are many studies which have show high prevalence of
hypothyroidism in association with endemic goiter. However there are no data available on
primary hypothyroidism in adults from this area. The aim of this study is to identify prevalence of
hypothyroidism in Salahaddin Province. The record of patients of primary hypothyroidism seen at
Tikrit General hospital in Salahaddin over a period of four-years (Jan. 1996-Dec.1999) were
analyzed. Hormonal investigation like T3, & T4 & TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). 62
patients with spontaneous primary hypothyroidism out of which 47 females and 23 males , overall
male to female ratio was 1:2, a proximately 60 %of the patients presented in the third and fourth
decades. Hormonal data analysis revealed that one third of patient had low T3, low T4 and
elevated T.S.H. 40% of patients had normal T3, low T4 and elevated T.S.H and about 28% of
patients had normal T3, T4 but elevated TSH. Salahaddin province has a significant environmental
iodine deficiency, & this may lead to preponderance of this condition in these population.
Key words: T3, T4, TSH, sign, symptoms, hypothyroidism.