Hydrogeochemical properties of ground water in the vicinity of al-hawija plain se-Kirkuk, Iraq


AL-Hawija plain is located at the south western part of Kirkuk city(N-IRAQ),with in the Hammrin-Makhul tectonic sub zone,the area is of simple topography with an average elevation of (360 m.a.s.l. ),having a semi-arid climate.Cultivation in the area depends on the rain water,and groundwater that has been extracted mainly from Miocene age,Pliocene fluvial sediments and recent deposits.The present study is mainly concerned with the evaluation of the quality of ground water to the different purposes.11ground water samples has been chemically analyzed from selected wells extracting water from different depths(80-120)m.and found that the ground water is of meteoric origin,very hard,having high PH values,while the values of total dissolved solids(TDS)are ranging between(1000-4500)mg/l,so that the water is of brackish type.on the basis of the major cation and anion concentration the groundwater is of(mixed Na and Ca-SO4) group having three families which are(Na2SO4)family with Na+>Ca+2>Mg+2-SO4-2>Cl->HCO3-and(CaSO4)water familyCa+2>Mg+2>Na+-SO4-2>Cl->HCO3-, and ( MgSO4 ) family with Mg+2 > Na+ > Ca+2-SO4-2 > Cl- > HCO3-. Generally the ground water in the area were not recommended for drinking purposes because of high salinity and it is(Doubtful to unsuitable-Unsuitable(for irrigation whereas it can be used to cultivate sensitive crops in areas of medium to coarse grained soil having a well designed drainage system beneath the agricultural.