Valuation of Electric Power Amount Produced by Estimation Tidal Energy in Umm-Qasr Region in Regard to Atmospheric Effects


A mathematical model has been used to estimate the tidal energy and calculate the amount of electric power that can be produced from this energy in Umm-Qasr sea port (southern Iraq).The results of this study show that the estimated tidal energy without atmospheric effect in the sea port, are about 405MW/h and the electric power that can produced from this energy are about 89.1MW/h. Entering the atmospheric effects (pressure and wind speed) on estimated tidal energy in Umm-Qasr port makes this energy reduced to 360.69MW/h and electric power to 79.35MW/h. In compared with results of some researches that estimated tidal energy in the other Iraqi’s waters, the tidal energy in Umm-Qasr is convergence with Khor Al-Zubair 400MW/h and Khor Abdullah 425MW/h, because of the convergent in their water depths 8-12 m, and differs vastly from Shatt al Arab 100MW/h due to the shallow depth of it. The depth of water is the main factor in this model, so increasing the current depth of the harbor from 12 m to 50 m reach with tidal energy to 1687.78 MW/h.