Leadership Styles and Their Effect on organizational Commitment Empowerment as Moderator Factor Exploratory study in the number of Business Organizations in Iraq


The Study has been taken to consider the affect of the leadership styles on the organizational commitment through empowerment as an moderator variable. The study was applied at number of organizations in Iraqi environment such as the State Company of Fertilizers ، the State Company of Iraqi Ports، the State Company for Petrochemical Industries.The questioners has been used for data collection and 223 questionnaires were distributed as a sample for this study. Also face to face interview was، used as a data collection method. The study got to some conclusions such as ، there are differences in leadership styles among those organizations. In the State Company for Fertilizers applied the transformational styles، while the State Company of Iraqi ports and State company for Petrochemical Industries to follow the transactional leadership style Also it showed that the worker empowerment plays very active role in increasing the leadership styles which in turn has positive a effect on organizational commitment in these organizations.