Studying the oscillations of oil prices on the international level and Statistical Analysis for the Time series (2000-2009)


Oil still plays the supported role in many countries in the world . Oil is the main source if foreign currencies." It is the most factor of investment and more flexible comparing with others of economy "The most side of oscillation of prices is related to the demand and supply factors . besides the other and depression in the industrial countries . Also they are related to the decline of dollar value . That of course , lead to increase the oil prices that valued by dollar.Therefore, by using the time series we found that there are oscillation in the oil prices , either in the seasonal changes and equation of the general direction or using the percentage of the moving means. Here we found a difficult to distinguish between the permanent change of prices or the temporarily oscillations.Because the supply strongly reacts with the change if they are from the first kind comparing with the second kind.Therefore, the production with low costs good factor to solve problem of economic resources prices, due of it effects on the oil revenues .