Ali slibi Al- marsum


Construction building of modern poem has been fulfilled after a series of poetic processes which has been involved by the poet in a group of experimental until he reaches the highest construction. This construction has been made by language as a initial central tool for building any poem . Language in general is regarded as a part of human history in his own well know , basic and essential argument . Undoubtedly, modern poetry language has much expressive characteristics of language function in poetry construction . Perhaps, the argumentative relation between place and memory which express tense communication in terms of interaction between the powerful of language and deepness of era . This connection between the construction and the text of the poetry as a result for poetic meaning production has fulfilled in poetic text in a secure, holding meaning by using argumentative relation between memory and place, this can happened by the means of strong connection between expressions and its sense of roots and the relations which depend on mental abstract. The study has selected three texts and has been studied and analyzed them in order to discover the poetic to discover the poetic space according to above theory .