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A Scientific refereed Journal issued by the deanery of college of arts – Basra University. This journal is concerned with the publication of papers on languages, literature and other areas of the humanities submitted by Iraqi and non-Iraqi researchers. The first Volume was issued in 1968. And four volumes are published annually.

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Table of content: 2007 volume: issue:43

No Repetition Where None Intended : A Stylistic Study Of Repetition as a Cohesive Signal In Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

Authors: Fatima H. Aziz --- Majeed H. Jasim
Pages: 1-19

Samuel Beckett seems to be possessed by the idea of repetition to the extent that it becomes one of the principal traits which distinguishes his work. Repetition , here ,should not be confined to the abstract dictionary meaning .The term simply suggests that there are similar dramatic settings , situations , and phrases which may be found in more than one place in the same play, and in their relations to the theme of the playwright. Thus , the cohesive function of repetition is to achieve certain dramatic purposes so as to provide us with a useful key in attempting an interpretation of the play and to make us see clearly the meaning and the relevance of the dramatist’s philosophy . This suggestion can be substantiated by discussing and examining the ideas of Beckett and how repetition becomes of a great significance in presenting the settings , action and dialogue in a symbolic way in “Waiting for Godot “ *(henceforth, WFG).

Mustadrak on Ibn Jubayr Andalusi poetry
الـمُسْــتَــدْرَك عَـلى شعرِ إِبنِ جُـبَـير الأنـدلُــسيِّ

Games children when the Arabs before Islam
العاب الأطفال عند العرب قبل الاسلام

Table of content: volume: issue:43