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Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics

المجلة العراقية للفيزياء التطبيقية

ISSN: 18132065 23091673
Publisher: iraqi society for alternative and renewable energy sources and techniques
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The Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics (IJAP) is a peer reviewed journal of high quality devoted to the publication of original research papers from applied physics and their broad range of applications. IJAP publishes quality original research papers, comprehensive review articles, survey articles, book reviews, dissertation abstracts in physics and its applications in the broadest sense. It is intended that the journal may act as an interdisciplinary forum for Physics and its applications. Innovative applications and material that brings together diverse areas of Physics are particularly welcome. Review articles in selected areas are published from time to time. It aims to disseminate knowledge; provide a learned reference in the field; and establish channels of communication between academic and research experts, policy makers and executives in industry, commerce and investment institutions. IJAP is a quarterly specialized periodical dedicated to publishing original papers, letters and reviews in: Applied & Nonlinear Optics, Applied Mechanics & Thermodynamics, Digital & Optical Communications, Electronic Materials & Devices, Laser Physics & Applications, Plasma Physics & Applications, Quantum Physics & Spectroscopy, Semiconductors & Optoelectronics, Solid State Physics & Applications, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Computers Networks and Applications.

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Table of content: 2007 volume:3 issue:4

NANOLASERS Lasing from Nanoscale Quantum Wires (Review Article)

Authors: S.S. Maeo
Pages: 3-46

This article provides an overview of the physics and technologies behind the rapid progress of miniaturization of semiconductor lasers, in particular the quantum wire lasers based on onedimensional nanoscale optical gain media. Since the first report of lasing in quantum wires by Kapon and his co-workers [1], quantum wire lasers have evolved from .microlasers. in which the onedimensional nanostructure is embedded in a micron size optical cavity, to .nanolasers. in which, as we recently demonstrated [2], the material gain and optical feedback are simultaneously achieved by individual nanoscale quantum wires. One-dimensional semiconductor fabrication technologies based on nanoscale lithography, selforganization, selective growth, and chemical synthesis will be reviewed along with recent advances of quantum wire lasers built upon each of these fabrication technologies.

Table of content: volume:3 issue:4