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political issues

قضايا سياسية

ISSN: 20709250
Publisher: Al-Nahrain University
Faculty: Political Science
Language: Arabic
Subject: Political science (General) ---

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The political issues is a political scientific journal published quarterly by the college of political science al-nahrain university.all reserved number part of this publication may be reproduced without apermission of the editor in chief.
The submitted must be include and the information required therein is title of work for a book place of publication publisher year and page reference authors name title of articile journal title issue volume and number year and page reference correspondence and annual subscription :college of political science>

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2018 Volume:0 Issue:51 Pages (1-540)
2017 Volume:0 Issue:50 Pages (1-266)
2017 Volume:0 Issue:48 Pages (1-550)
2017 Volume:0 Issue:47 Pages (1-372)
2016 Volume:0 Issue:46 Pages (1-382)
2016 Volume:0 Issue:43 Pages (1-380)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:42 Pages (1-440)
2014 Volume:0 Issue:37 Pages (1-545)
2014 Volume:0 Issue:35 Pages (1-436)
2014 Volume:0 Issue:34 Pages (-300)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:32 Pages (1-338)
2012 Volume:26 Issue:1 Pages (1-432)
2011 Volume:25 Issue:1 Pages (1-220)
2011 Volume:23 Issue:23 Pages (1-36)
2011 Volume:21 Issue:21 Pages (1-19)
2009 Volume:18 Issue:1 Pages (1-101)
2009 Volume:17 Issue:1 Pages (1-58)
2009 Volume:16 Issue:1 Pages (1-109)
2009 Volume:15 Issue:1 Pages (1-103)
2008 Volume:14 Issue:1 Pages (1-93)
2006 Volume:11 Issue:1 Pages (6-52)