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Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum

مجلة متحف التاريخ الطبيعي العراقي

ISSN: Print ISSN: 10178678, Online ISSN: 23119799
Publisher: Baghdad University
Faculty: Iraq Natural History Research Center and Museum
Language: English
Subject: Biology --- Geology ---

This journal is Open Access


Bulletin of Iraq Natural History Museum is peer-reviewed one of the Scientific Ranking in Iraq, it's recommended for scientific grading in Iraqi Universities.

This journal was established in 1961 as still publishes scientific papers and Articles. The aim subject of this journal is Natural History inside and outside Iraq through the Biological survey, classification, Environments and Natural conservation.

Bulletin of Iraq Natural History Museum is wildly distributed in the scientific libraries and Research center and institutes inside and outside Iraq.

Also, this journal is wildly exchanged with other International journals for developers the library of our museum.

This journal is established tow issue per years.

Information about the journal:
Journal name: Bulletin of Iraq Natural History Museum.
Issuer: Iraq Natural History Research Center and Museum-University of Baghdad.
Competence: Biology and Geology.
Journal type: Scientific Journal.
Language: English.
Print ISSN: 1017-8678.
Online ISSN: 2311-9799.
Date of issuance of Journal: 1961.
Contact us: telephone (director: +964-781-639-5600, Information: +964-781-639-5600).

Contact info

Iraqi Natural History Research Center & Museum
الموقع الرسمي للمجلة والصفحة الالكترونيه

P.O. Box: 59037 - Iraq - Baghdad - Bab-Al-Madham

Tel.: +964-1-4165790


Year Volume-Issue Pages
2019 Volume:15 Issue:3 Pages (225-361)
2018 Volume:15 Issue:2 Pages (113-223)
2018 Volume:15 Issue:1 Pages (1-111)
2017 Volume:14 Issue:4 Pages (267-334)
2017 Volume:14 Issue:3 Pages (185-265)
2016 Volume:14 Issue:2 Pages (99-184)
2016 Volume:14 Issue:1 Pages (1-97)
2015 Volume:13 Issue:4 Pages (1-62)
2015 Volume:13 Issue:3 Pages (1-83)
2014 Volume:13 Issue:2 Pages (95-120)
2014 Volume:13 Issue:1 Pages (1-94)
2013 Volume:12 Issue:4 Pages (1-51)
2013 Volume:12 Issue:3 Pages (1-41)
2012 Volume:12 Issue:2 Pages (1-37)
2012 Volume:12 Issue:1 Pages (1-36)
2011 Volume:11 Issue:4 Pages (1-31)
2011 Volume:11 Issue:3 Pages (1-33)
2010 Volume:11 Issue:2 Pages (1-68)
2010 Volume:11 Issue:1 Pages (1-75)
2009 Volume:10 Issue:4 Pages (1-72)
2008 Volume:10 Issue:3 Pages (1-68)
2004 Volume:10 Issue:2 Pages (1-89)
2003 Volume:10 Issue:1 Pages (1-47)
2002 Volume:9 Issue:4 Pages (1-60)
2001 Volume:9 Issue:3 Pages (1-87)
2000 Volume:9 Issue:2 Pages (1-84)
1999 Volume:9 Issue:1 Pages (-135)
1996 Volume:8 Issue:4 Pages (1-115)
1990 Volume:8 Issue:3 Pages (1-194)