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Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal

مجلة القادسية الطبية

ISSN: 18170153
Publisher: Al-Qadisiyah University
Faculty: Medicine
Language: English

This journal is Open Access


• Medical journal published by the Faculty of Medicine / University of Qadisiyah every six months, dealing with all medical specialties (basic and clinical), the Journal accepts original research and reports on important medical cases.
• Language version of the Journal is English
• The first number of the Journal of Qadisiyah medical issued in February of 2005.
• The medical Journal of Qadisiyah ISSN-winning private journals
• All researches submitted for publication sent to the scientific evaluation with Specialty to decide on the validity of published and scientific contents as it is or modify them or not fit for publication by reviewers opinions
• Research published in the medical Journal Qadisiyah is taken out a system upgrade scientific researcher
• Researches numbers issued posted on the Iraqi academic scientific journals
• Self-finance Journal

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2015 Volume:11 Issue:20 Pages (1-253)
2015 Volume:11 Issue:19 Pages (1-241)
2014 Volume:10 Issue:18 Pages (1-220)
2014 Volume:10 Issue:17 Pages (1-252)
2013 Volume:9 Issue:16 Pages (1-268)
2013 Volume:9 Issue:15 Pages (1-264)
2012 Volume:8 Issue:14 Pages (1-262)
2012 Volume:8 Issue:13 Pages (1-202)
2011 Volume:7 Issue:12 Pages (1-292)
2011 Volume:7 Issue:11 Pages (1-168)
2010 Volume:6 Issue:10 Pages (1-196)
2010 Volume:6 Issue:9 Pages (1-234)
2009 Volume:5 Issue:8 Pages (1-174)
2009 Volume:5 Issue:7 Pages (1-223)
2008 Volume:4 Issue:6 Pages (1-187)
2008 Volume:4 Issue:5 Pages (1-242)
2007 Volume:3 Issue:4 Pages (1-307)
2007 Volume:2 Issue:3 Pages (1-178)
2005 Volume:1 Issue:2 Pages (1-67)
2005 Volume:1 Issue:1 Pages (1-86)