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University of Anbar Sport and Physical Education Sciences

مجلة جامعة الانبار للعلوم البدنية والرياضية

ISSN: 20749465
Publisher: University of Anbar
Language: Arabic

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bi–Annual Scientific Journal Specializing in
Sport & Physical Education Sciences

Published By the College of Physical Education

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2013 Volume:2 Issue:8 Pages (6-337)
2012 Volume:2 Issue:7 Pages (5-185)
2012 Volume:2 Issue:6 Pages (5-256)
2011 Volume:1 Issue:5 Pages (5-219)
2011 Volume:1 Issue:4 Pages (5-284)
2010 Volume:1 Issue:3 Pages (5-237)
2010 Volume:1 Issue:2 Pages (3-275)
2009 Volume:1 Issue:1 Pages (5-272)