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Journal of Al-Anbar university for Islamic Sciences

مجلة جامعة الأنبار للعلوم الإسلامية

ISSN: 20716028
Publisher: University of Anbar
Faculty: Islamic Science / Ramady
Language: Arabic

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Journal of Anbar University of Islamic Sciences is
A quarterly scientific journal
Terms of Use
1. Magazine published by Anbar University of Islamic Sciences focuses on the publication of original scientific research and humanitarian excellence.
2. Research is published in Arabic and the journal is published in four issues per year.
3. The research is reviewed by specialists before acceptance for publication.
4. It is Required that the research is relevant (the Islamic sciences in all its branches, and other sciences related to the legitimate science).
5. The researcher or researchers have to send three printed copies of the research, the researcher submits a printed copy of new and compact disc to follow up the acceptance for publication and evaluation by experts.
6. The researcher must submit a summary of the definitions of research in both Arabic and English, certified by the Advisory Centre for Translation at the Faculty of Education / University of Anbar, with CD-ROM to do so.
7. spaces must be on one side but not more than (30) line in a single page.
8. Do not publish research only after the payment of wages and Calendar Posted by researchers.
9. Researcher bears full legal responsibility in case of attack on the intellectual property rights of others.
10. Posted wages (40.000) Iraqi Dinars for the first twenty pages, each page in excess of twenty-first page add the amount of (2000) Iraqi Dinars.
12. Researcher provides a single copy of the magazine after the print, or three copies of reprints of his research.
13. Publications do not represent the opinion of the magazine, but represent the opinion of the owners only.
14. Drafts of the research will not be returned to their owners, whether published or not.
15. Page Setup: Top and bottom (2.5 cm) left and right (3) cm, paper size A4)) write research on a single page of the paper and numbered pages.
16. Write Arabic letters in bold (Simplified Arabic).
17. Writes only the first page of search words (Journal of Anbar University of Islamic Sciences) on the top right of the page, and have underlined the right to the left of the page (12 bold).
18. The title of this research volume (18) black broad middle of the page.
19. Write the names and addresses of researchers size (17) black broad middle of the page
20. The sequence of writing to look as follows: Title of President, the names and addresses of researchers, abstract in Arabic and English, Introduction, detective or demands, conclusion, footnotes, and sources.
21. Initial write address: (Introduction, detective or demands, conclusion, footnotes, sources) size (16) bold center of the page.
22. Write address high volume (15) black wide right of the page.
23. Search writing board size (16) with the page and adjust the left indent (1 cm) only the first line of each paragraph of text.
24. Margins are placed on the same page with the board search and the font size (14) and the number is the margin between the parentheses in the following form (1) and the numbering of footnotes for each page separately.
25. The order of the alphabet according to sources.
26. Placed between each paragraph and the other distance (10 cm) (the title of this research, the names and addresses of researchers).
For more information see:
Journal of Anbar University of Islamic Sciences / University of Anbar / Faculty of Islamic Sciences / Grey.

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2017 Volume:8 Issue:31 Pages (1-359)
2017 Volume:8 Issue:30 Pages (1-362)
2017 Volume:8 Issue:29 Pages (1-524)
2016 Volume:7 Issue:28 Pages (1-384)
2016 Volume:7 Issue:27 Pages (1-313)
2016 Volume:7 Issue:26 Pages (1-376)
2016 Volume:7 Issue:25 Pages (1-300)
2015 Volume:6 Issue:24 Pages (1-505)
2015 Volume:6 Issue:23 Pages (1-450)
2015 Volume:6 Issue:22 Pages (1-429)
2015 Volume:6 Issue:21 Pages (1-493)
2014 Volume:5 Issue:20 Pages (1-483)
2014 Volume:5 Issue:19 Pages (1-496)
2014 Volume:5 Issue:18 Pages (1-511)
2014 Volume:5 Issue:17 Pages (1-595)
2013 Volume:4 Issue:16 Pages (1-617)
2013 Volume:4 Issue:15 Pages (1-672)
2013 Volume:4 Issue:14 Pages (1-502)
2012 Volume:4 Issue:13 Pages (1-3276)
2011 Volume:3 Issue:12 Pages (1-572)
2011 Volume:3 Issue:11 Pages (1-399)
2011 Volume:3 Issue:10 Pages (1-529)
2011 Volume:3 Issue:9 Pages (1-500)
2010 Volume:2 Issue:8 Pages (1-409)
2010 Volume:2 Issue:7 Pages (1-387)
2010 Volume:2 Issue:6 Pages (1-358)
2010 Volume:2 Issue:5 Pages (1-381)
2009 Volume:1 Issue:4 Pages (1-562)
2009 Volume:1 Issue:3 Pages (1-483)
2009 Volume:1 Issue:2 Pages (1-351)
2009 Volume:1 Issue:1 Pages (1-335)