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Journal of Research Diyala humanity

مجلة ديالى للبحوث الانسانية

ISSN: 1998104x
Publisher: Diyala University
Faculty: Education / Al-Asmayy
Language: Arabic and English
Subject: Education (General) ---

This journal is Open Access


Diyala Journal: Journal of scientific research dealing with the Court of humanitarian and scientific texts achieved sobering investigation numbered and bear an internationally accredited (ISSN1998-104X) and accepted for publication on the research according to the following rules:
1 publishes original research and sober not previously published in other journals, and is subject to the calendar every search by the experts according to their specialties minute.
2 offers Search two copies on paper of the type (A4) printed on the calculator and spaces to double between the lines with the left (2.5 cm) from all points of the paper and preferred to use the character (Simplified Arabic) style (16) to search the whole, the research the main and branch Vttaba line bold.
3 research resulted as follows: Abstract in Arabic, Introduction, chapters research, results and discussion, conclusions, Conclusion, Abstract in English, the margins (if any), and sources.
4 does not exceed the number of pages (20) page, including tables, forms and images in the case beyond that deducted the amount of $ (5,000) five thousand dinars for every two pages.
Be placed 5 charts or tables in the text or images with serial numbered consecutively with the development of their own titles, and is drawn charts and black Chinese ink on transparent paper (tracing paper) As for the photographs Vttaba on paper of a kind brilliant.
6 are the sources mentioned in the text with numbers placed in brackets, and set the margins and in the end of the research sources on a separate sheet in the order they are received in the search.
7 take into account the assets of the magazine sober scientific inquiry in the case of published texts achieved on the researcher to submit a photocopy of the first and last page in the manuscript with models of some pages and not the text investigator has published or sent for publication in other journals.
8 found under the title of research history of acceptance for publication of scientific and administrative purposes.
9 No research are to their owners whether they were accepted for publication or not accepted for publication.
10 send the research with all correspondence and inquiries regarding the magazine to the following address:
Secretary of the board of Liberation College of Education for Human Sciences University of Diyala
Diyala, Iraq, the old road to Baghdad e-b 216
Or email

This journal is specialized in humanities It was established in accordance with the needs of civilized community to achieve its aims in writing , research and Scientific documentation. It relies on teaching staffs and academics to spread innovative thinking for the benefit of specialists and scholars. It is mention worthy that the journal was established in 1997 and has published(62) issues so far.

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تعنون المراسلات الى سكرتير هيأة التحرير – كلية التربية للعلوم الانسانية / جامعة ديالى ... ديالى – العراق – ص – ب 216
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