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Misan Journal of Acodemic Studies

مجلة ميسان للدراسات الاكاديمية

ISSN: 1994697X
Publisher: Misan University
Faculty: Basic Education
Language: Arabic and English

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Issued the magazine in its first issue in 1996 by the Scientific Committee at Teachers College of the University of Basra, on behalf of the magazine, university teacher and continued Balsdor until the year 2003 before the fall of the regime and then returned for issuance in 2005 after it was obtained ISIN ISSN: 1812-7576 Two years later has approval of the College of basic Education and the Council of the University of Maysan to change the name of the magazine to magazine Maysan studies Academy and get the numbering of the new international ISSN: 1994-697X and so far released six volumes included a number of twelve different areas of pure science and applied and humanity. It is worth mentioning that the semi-annual magazine publication.

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2018 Volume:17 Issue:33 Pages (1-17)
2017 Volume:16 Issue:32 Pages (1-319)
2017 Volume:16 Issue:31 Pages (1-463)
2016 Volume:15 Issue:30 Pages (1-113)
2016 Volume:15 Issue:29 Pages (1-319)
2015 Volume:14 Issue:26 Pages (1-98)
2014 Volume:13 Issue:25 Pages (1-279 )
2014 Volume:13 Issue:24 Pages (1-294)
2013 Volume:12 Issue:23 Pages (1-190)
2013 Volume:12 Issue:22 Pages (-158)
2012 Volume:11 Issue:21 Pages (1-175)
2012 Volume:11 Issue:20 Pages (1-134)
2011 Volume:10 Issue:18 Pages (1-247)
2010 Volume:9 Issue:17 Pages (1-184)
2010 Volume:8 Issue:16 Pages (1-289)
2009 Volume:8 Issue:15 Pages (1-210)
2009 Volume:7 Issue:14 Pages (1-312)
2008 Volume:7 Issue:13 Pages (1-187)
2008 Volume:6 Issue:12 Pages (1-203)
2007 Volume:6 Issue:11 Pages (1-137)
2006 Volume:5 Issue:10 Pages (1-217)