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مجلة كلية اليرموك الجامعة

ISSN: 20752954
Publisher: College Yarmouk University
Language: English
Subject: Science (General) ---

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the alyarmouk magazine a-scientific magazine published subminsteral produced from alyarmouk university collage whom established since 2002 concern with published human and scientific researches in.
Dentistry - pharmacy - medical analysis..
computer science - enquires computer science.
law and english languages who have the serial number "2075-2954"

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Mobil : 009647710925985


Year Volume-Issue Pages
2016 Volume:8 Issue:1 Pages (1-187)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (1-158)
2014 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (1-148)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (1-161)
2012 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (4-105)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (5-64)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:0 Pages (9-292)