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iraqi journal for information

المجلة العراقية للمعلومات

ISSN: 10245812
Publisher: iraqi association for libraries and information
Language: Arabic
Subject: General bibliographies --- Library and information science (General) ---

This journal is Open Access


Biannual refereed journal published by the iraqi association for libraries and information
date of first issue(1995)
No.of issue per year(2)
No.of papers per issue (26)
No.of issue published between 1995-2012 (26) issue

Contact info

phone Number:07902420249

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2016 Volume:17 Issue:1 Pages (1-225)
2015 Volume:16 Issue:1 Pages (1-143)
2014 Volume:15 Issue:1 Pages (1-209)
2013 Volume:14 Issue:1 Pages (1-155)
2012 Volume:13 Issue:1 Pages (1-148)
2011 Volume:12 Issue:1 Pages (1-180)
2010 Volume:11 Issue:1 Pages (1-167)
2009 Volume:10 Issue:1 Pages (1-250)
2008 Volume:9 Issue:1 Pages (1-178)