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مجلة الدنانير

ISSN: 2224414X
Publisher: Iraqi University
Faculty: Economic and Administration
Language: Arabic and English
Subject: Economics ---

This journal is Open Access


Journal of Al-Dananeer
A quarterly refereed scientific Journal
Published by the College of Economics and Administration, Al-Iraqia University, the journal focuses mainly on the Economics, Administration, Accounting and Informatics studies.

Contact info

Phone Number : 07903840066

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2017 Volume:1 Issue:10 Pages (15-639)
2016 Volume:1 Issue:9 Pages (15-540)
2016 Volume:1 Issue:8 Pages (15-610)
2015 Volume:1 Issue:7 Pages (13-519)
2014 Volume:1 Issue:6 Pages (1-501)
2014 Volume:1 Issue:5 Pages (1-387)
2013 Volume:1 Issue:4 Pages (1-442)
2013 Volume:1 Issue:3 Pages (2-308)
2012 Volume:1 Issue:2 Pages (-)
2012 Volume:1 Issue:1 Pages (13-414)