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Journal of Political Sciences

مجلة العلوم السياسية

ISSN: ISSN 18155561 EISSN 2521912X DOI 10.30907
Publisher: Baghdad University
Faculty: Political Science
Language: Arabic and English
Subject: Political science (General) ---

This journal is Open Access


Academic Biannual Refereed Journal Issued by the College of Political Sciences-University of Baghdad.
Date of First Issue 1988.
No. of Issue Per year (2).
No.of Issue Published between 1988-2013 (52) Issue.

Contact info
Post-office box:47100

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2018 Volume:0 Issue:56 Pages (a-518)
2018 Volume:0 Issue:55 Pages (a-479)
2018 Volume:0 Issue:54 Pages (a-490)
2017 Volume:0 Issue:53 Pages (a-246)
2016 Volume:0 Issue:52 Pages (a-415)
2016 Volume:0 Issue:51 Pages (a-375)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:50 Pages (a-303)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:49 Pages (a-285)
2014 Volume:0 Issue:48 Pages (1-371)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:47 Pages (a-321)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:46 Pages (a-250)
2012 Volume:0 Issue:45 Pages (a-196)
2012 Volume:0 Issue:44 Pages (a-342)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:43 Pages (a-214)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:42 Pages (a-206)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:41 Pages (a-421)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:40 Pages (a-241)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:38 Pages (a-448)
2008 Volume:0 Issue:37 Pages (a-277)
2008 Volume:0 Issue:36 Pages (a-231)
2007 Volume:0 Issue:35 Pages (a-293)
2007 Volume:0 Issue:34 Pages (a-187)
2006 Volume:0 Issue:33 Pages (a-322)
2006 Volume:0 Issue:32 Pages (a-225)
2005 Volume:0 Issue:31 Pages (a-224)
2005 Volume:0 Issue:30 Pages (a-190)