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Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development

مجلة الهندسة والتنمية المستدامة

ISSN: 25200917
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University
Faculty: Engineering
Language: Arabic and English

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Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development
Faculty of Engineering / University of Mustansiriyah

• About the journal
Is an Iraqi journal issued by the Faculty of Engineering / University of Mustansiriyah, under the auspices of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The first edition of the Journal of Engineering and Development was in 1997 and aims to publish engineering researches for the purpose of scientific promotion and enrich the scientific arena by producing ideas of researchers from all different engineering specialties.
The journal publishes one volume each year. Each volume contains 6 issues, with one issue every two months. Each number includes 20-16 entries in both Arabic and English. The title has been changed from Journal of Engineering and Development to Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development since Vol.20, No.3, May 2016.

• Mechanism of receiving research
1) All the manuscripts are subjected first to the electronic astrology program.
2) Five copies of printed manuscript are received with a CD containing this manuscript, four of them with a hidden names for the reviewing purpose while the fifth copy containing the name of the author (s) are kept as a reference in the author's file. The manuscript should be at least 10 sheets and not more than 20 sheets. If the manuscript exceeds the required number of pages, an additional fees of 3000 Iraqi dinars per sheet will be charged page (2 US$ per sheet for authors from outside Iraq).
3) A questionnaire is submitted to the author containing information about the author and the manuscript, which is referred to after the acceptance of the publication. The author should approved that the manuscript is unpublished or submitted for publication in another journal.

• Publishing Instructions
1) The manuscript is written and prepared accordancing to the instructions in the ready-made article on the website of and following the posting instructions without change. Otherwise, we will refrain from publishing the research or submitting it electronically on the journal's website.
2) Prioritize publication to research that deals with the subject of sustainability engineering as well as the research carried out within the publishing controls

• Publishing fee
The author is given a receipt of the financial amount that is collected from him, which is the cost of submitting the research for publication in the journal and be according to the following controls:
Autjors from inside the college
1) 100,000 Iraqi dinars for researchers with the rank of professor
2) 75000 dinars for the rank of assistant professor or less.
B- For researchers from outside Iraq, a fee of US $ 125 shall be paid upon receipt of the publication.

Contact info

Phone Number:07717944560

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2018 Volume:22 Issue:4 Pages (-255)
2018 Volume:22 Issue:3 Pages (-161)
2018 Volume:22 Issue:1 Pages (-196)
2017 Volume:21 Issue:6 Pages (-185)
2017 Volume:21 Issue:5 Pages (-224)
2017 Volume:21 Issue:4 Pages (-200)
2017 Volume:21 Issue:3 Pages (-214)
2017 Volume:21 Issue:2 Pages (-245)
2017 Volume:21 Issue:1 Pages (-222)
2016 Volume:20 Issue:6 Pages (-215)
2016 Volume:20 Issue:5 Pages (-224)
2016 Volume:20 Issue:4 Pages (1-288)
2016 Volume:20 Issue:3 Pages (1-206)
2016 Volume:20 Issue:2 Pages (1-258)
2016 Volume:20 Issue:1 Pages (1-228)
2015 Volume:19 Issue:6 Pages (1-233)
2015 Volume:19 Issue:5 Pages (-269)
2015 Volume:19 Issue:4 Pages (-261)
2015 Volume:19 Issue:3 Pages (-157)
2015 Volume:19 Issue:2 Pages (-172)
2015 Volume:19 Issue:1 Pages (-205)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:0 Pages (1-5)
2014 Volume:18 Issue:6 Pages (-245)
2014 Volume:18 Issue:5 Pages (-307)
2014 Volume:18 Issue:4 Pages (-222)
2014 Volume:18 Issue:3 Pages (-222)
2014 Volume:18 Issue:2 Pages (-229)
2014 Volume:18 Issue:1 Pages (-197)
2013 Volume:17 Issue:6 Pages (-249)
2013 Volume:17 Issue:5 Pages (1-248)
2013 Volume:17 Issue:4 Pages (1-278)
2013 Volume:17 Issue:3 Pages (1-218)
2013 Volume:17 Issue:2 Pages (1-277)
2013 Volume:17 Issue:1 Pages (1-342)
2012 Volume:16 Issue:4 Pages (1-461)
2012 Volume:16 Issue:3 Pages (1-440)
2012 Volume:16 Issue:2 Pages (1-316)
2012 Volume:16 Issue:1 Pages (1-361)
2011 Volume:15 Issue:4 Pages (1-247)
2011 Volume:15 Issue:3 Pages (1-248)
2011 Volume:15 Issue:2 Pages (1-214)
2011 Volume:15 Issue:1 Pages (1-223)
2010 Volume:14 Issue:4 Pages (1-213)
2010 Volume:14 Issue:3 Pages (1-177)
2010 Volume:14 Issue:2 Pages (1-242)
2010 Volume:14 Issue:1 Pages (1-205)
2009 Volume:13 Issue:4 Pages (1-122)
2009 Volume:13 Issue:3 Pages (1-165)
2009 Volume:13 Issue:2 Pages (1-197)
2009 Volume:13 Issue:1 Pages (1-237)
2008 Volume:12 Issue:4 Pages (1-176)
2008 Volume:12 Issue:3 Pages (1-207)
2008 Volume:12 Issue:2 Pages (1-184)
2008 Volume:12 Issue:1 Pages (1-177)
2007 Volume:11 Issue:3 Pages (1-205)
2007 Volume:11 Issue:2 Pages (1-187)
2007 Volume:11 Issue:1 Pages (1-189)
2006 Volume:10 Issue:4 Pages (1-210)
2006 Volume:10 Issue:3 Pages (1-171)
2006 Volume:10 Issue:2 Pages (1-207)
2006 Volume:10 Issue:1 Pages (1-158)
2005 Volume:9 Issue:4 Pages (1-128)
2005 Volume:9 Issue:3 Pages (1-110)
2005 Volume:9 Issue:2 Pages (1-90)
2005 Volume:9 Issue:1 Pages (1-104)