Baghdad University (37 journals)

Basrah University (23 journals)

Mosul University (20 journals)

Al-Mustansyriah University (19 journals)

University of Kufa (17 journals)

Tikrit University (14 journals)

University of Anbar (12 journals)

Al-Qadisiyah University (11 journals)

Babylon University (11 journals)

Kerbala University (9 journals)

Al-Nahrain University (8 journals)

Diyala University (8 journals)

Thi-Qar University (8 journals)

Al-Muthanna University (7 journals)

Wassit University (6 journals)

Kirkuk University (5 journals)

Iraqi University (4 journals)

Shiite Endowment (4 journals)

University of Technology (3 journals)

Misan University (3 journals)

university of samarra (2 journals)

iraqi society for alternative and renewable energy sources and techniques (2 journals)

the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein (2 journals)

karbala center for studies and reseerch (1 journals)

Heritage College (1 journals)

AL-Abbas Holy Shrine (1 journals)

City College of Science University (1 journals)

university of Sulaimania (1 journals)

College Yarmouk University (1 journals)

University of Dohuk (1 journals)

Rafidain University College (1 journals)

Hawler Medical Univeristy (1 journals)

The Iraqi Borad for Medical Specialization (1 journals)

Foundation of technical education (1 journals)

University of Fallujah (1 journals)

The Ministry of Education (1 journals)

AlMamon University College (1 journals)

Ministry of Oil (1 journals)

Poultry Science Association (1 journals)

Al-kasim University (1 journals)

Directorate of Research and Studies / Sunni Endowment (1 journals)

iraqi association for libraries and information (1 journals)

Faculty of Imam Azam (1 journals)

Al-Nisour University College (1 journals)

Ministry of Industry and Minerals (1 journals)

Ministry of science and technology (1 journals)

Al-Hadba University College (1 journals)

Bayt Al-Hikma (1 journals)

Ministry of higher education and scientific research (1 journals)

nati for forum onal and ideology researches culture (1 journals)

Private Mansour college (1 journals)

Ministry Of interior (1 journals)

the iraqi society of soil scince (1 journals)

College Islamic University / Najaf (1 journals)

University Of Informatics Technology And Communications (1 journals)

University of Ahl Al-Bait (1 journals)

Iraqi Association for Oral Research (1 journals)

Baghdad College of Economic Sciences (1 journals)

iraqi association of information (1 journals)

University of Alkafeel (1 journals)