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Clinical Outcome of Azithromycin dehydrate used in treatment of acute apical periodontitis and severe chronic marginal gingivitis compared to other antibiotics


Ninety six patient aged between 12 – 50 years attending the college of dentistry ,Al- mustansyria university and the investigators clinics , they were divided into twoequal groups; 48 Patients suffering acute apical periodntitis ( painful ) weresubjected to different antibiotics after drainage and their prognosis towards nonpainfulchronic apical perioddontitis was observed and were as follows : 29.3% withAzithromycin, 20.8 % with ampicilline and 29.3% with ampicilline plusmetronidazole with a total of 79.4 % .The second group, were 48 students aged 12- 20 years suffering from severemarginal gingivitis ( GI-3 ) and were subjected to different antibiotics afterprophylaxis and some of them were kept on prophylaxis alone and their progress tomild marginal gingivitis ( G.I.1) was observed and were as follows :20.8 % withazithromycin , 16.7 % with ampicilline, 22.9 % with ampicilline plus metronidazoleand 20.8 % with prophylaxis and oral hygiene practice alone with a total of 81.2 %showing no significant difference between prophylaxis alone and those withprophylaxis and antibiotics .

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