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The Role of organizational culture in promoting financial transparency practices and their impact on the effectiveness of the organization
دور الثقافة التنظيمية في تعزيز ممارسات الشفافية المالية وأثرها في فاعلية المنظمة بحث تحليلي لإجابات عينة من المدارء العامين في الشركة العامة لتجارة السيارات


This research aims to examine the correlation and the influence of organizational culture on in organizational effectiveness and the existence of financial transparency as a variable mediator in the General Company for cars trading, And then try out, among other recommendations,including contributing to the achievement of organizational effectiveness,This research has been applied to the sample induced intentional total (67) individuals, The researcher used the questionnaire as a main tool to measure the level of research variables and correlation relationships, and influence among them, In order to processing data and information was used statistical analysis program (SPSS) to reach the results through a number of the most important statistic methods.The researcher has arrived several conclusions; the most important was the high level of research variables (organizational culture, financial transparency, organizational effectiveness) in the General Company for Cars trading

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