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A Semantic Analysis of Homonyms, Heteronyms & allonyms With Some Reference to Word Net

Author: Sarab Kadir Mugair
Journal: Al-Fatih journal مجلة الفتح ISSN: 87521996 Year: 2005 Volume: 1 Issue: 24 Pages: 112-123
Publisher: Diyala University جامعة ديالى


This research explains how the terminological (lexicographic or semantic) analysis of concepts contrasts with the conceptual (ornomantic) approach. The two models complement each otherand shold be used together. The onomantic model produces a two- by- two table which identifies a logically necessary fourth concept (here called allonym) which completes the scheme containing homonyms and two types of heteronyms (homographs and homophones). Conventionally, however, only the word- to- meanings paradigm is followed, producing the illogical results generated by this example derived from world net. Some word game enthusiasts enjoy listing homonyms and heteronyms. Their lexicological focus is reflected in virtually all glossaries for special language.. they also follow the orthographic (semantic) paradigm, with only an occasional step towards the logical classification concept, as one see by viewing specialized glossaries. By the way

Distinction between children in gift-giving in the jurisprudence of Islam with reference to the law
التفرقة بين الأولاد في العطية في فقه الأسلام مع الأشارة للقانون

Author: Dr. Nasser Al-Hamad Al-Sager Jubouri الدكتور ساجر ناصر حمد الجبوري
Journal: Research and Islamic Studies Journal مجلة البحوث والدراسات الاسلامية ISSN: 20712847 Year: 2005 Issue: 1 Pages: 80-102
Publisher: Directorate of Research and Studies / Sunni Endowment دائرة البحوث والدراسات/ديوان الوقف السني

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