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تطبيق خوارزمية عملية القص الهندسية على الصور الثابتة

Authors: الهام جاسم محمد --- علي عبد داوود --- ايمان مجيد كاظم --- لمى ملك شاقولي
Journal: Journal of College of Education مجلة كلية التربية ISSN: 18120380 Year: 2010 Issue: 3 Pages: 11-28
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


h this study an algo五thrn suggested to applying perforrned gcomet五csheanng operation.When any image operation the position in many of pixeldid not integer,for that reason this image must be follllcd by mathematicalinterpolatlon.There are many interpolation inethods and in this study threc lnethods are dinearest interpolation,di leaner interpolation and di cubic interpolation.Forused;best rnethod norlnalized mean square clor are calculated betweenprocess images these are forming follllinversc lransfollllations for anyoperation and origin image.In analysis results thc di cubic interpolatitt hadefflciency at using basic image.The most of simulation systems and movie generation are basic dependod onimage operation that caΠ 5/ing Out on the level ofimagO or part ofimage ortarget in the image therefore,the alm ofthis stndy search to studies imageoperation that is effected ofimage quality and coefflcient rnoving generation。In this rescarch program designed to gcnerate mo宙ng ouectin image byusing image p五ncipal geometnc operations thatis gencration moving in levelofthe image.


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