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Facebook as New Field for soeial interaction - A field study in mosul city Assist
الفيس بوك ميدان جديد للتفاعل الاجتماعي - دراسة ميدانية في مدينة الموصل -

Author: Iinas Mahmood Abdullah إيناس محمود عبد الله
Journal: Adab AL Rafidayn اداب الرافدين ISSN: 03782867 Year: 2013 Issue: 66 Pages: 333-362
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


During the past decade the world has witnessed manyinterrelated and complex changes such as the stride leap incommunication and media. Using the internet ،mobile phonesand satellite channels is an indication of human development inany country. The various applications and tasks these servicesoffer turned them to a source of attraction to the teens andyoung people. Some of the most attractive applications are thefamous social networks including Facebook and My Space.They have become an integral part of life in many societies thatthe number of subscribers have swelled tremendously. TheArab world is more and more fascinated by facebook whichholds many personal information of the users such as privateparties photos ،and much more about their interests andattitudes.Therefore ،it is believed that this part of people's lifeshould be given more care in researches and studies not only inelectronic applications ،but in social studies as well. Thesenetworks are truly affecting the society and its traditionalinstitutions.Facebook is one of the manifestations of communicationrevolution ،it is an interaction tool that may give social reality anew dimension ،it a has positive and negative effects dependingon the users themselves.The aim of this study is investigating interaction patternsresulting from using modern communication devices. To showthe effect the facebook has on these patterns ،to identify thereasons behind its popularity ،and to unveil the social outcomesassociated with this pattern. This study has adopted a fieldworkthat included ٥٠ young test-subjects who have accounts onfacebook.The study has come up with the following:١- Facebook is a modern phenomenon that has appeawedshowed up in our society and has rapidly spread and became anessential part of young peoples lives.٢- The test-subjects ،the young in particular ،try to establishnew friendships and to broaden their relations with others.٣- Young people try to find lost space of social and politicalfreedom in their societies ،and to express their opinions.٤- Test-subjects attempt to make changes in their societies byspreading and looking for new ideas on facebook.Finally ،we would like to offer the following recommendations:١- Guiding people towards an optimum use of social sites in away that best serve our own Arabic culture.٢- Consolidating self control and consciousness among youngpeople.٣- Internet is a public service and not a private one ،thereforewe are supposed to behave in a way that suits such publicservice. Moreover its important to remember the consequencesof what we may post or publish in networks and to be aware ofwhat is being written or read of photos and texts.٤- Strengthening and encouraging our own institutionsincluding the family, by supporting constructive dialogueamong its members, and given them more freedom to expresstheir political, social and cultural ideas that make them stayaway from other sources.

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