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Assess the efficiency of the performance of health institutions in Arbil ( An Empirical study of Republican teaching hospital for the period 2014-2015
تقييم كفاءة اداء المؤسسات الصحية في اربيل (دراسة تطبيقية في المستشفى الجمهوري التعليمي للمدة ( 2014-2015 )


The process efficiency evaluation importance comes from the big importance of production and service units because it is an important tool for different countries economic evaluating and sociological policy assessment. It is also a tool in achieving required economic growth and this importance comes from the goals these institutions through presenting the benefits to the community and it is not limit to just that but is also include the targeted planning and follow-up the Implementation through the chosen performance evaluation standards which matches with nature of these institutes.Because the performance evaluation aims to know the expected results at the service institute at the light of its real cost, economic, technical and financial variables which resulted real implied results and depending on this some process performance evaluation indicators of this paper was implied and it’s to achieve mentioned target at period of (2014-2015). The paper consist of two parts, the first part is about (the concept of process performance evaluation and its importance) as the theoretical base for practical part concepts and indicators, but the second part focused on statistical methods to the institute or the hospital process efficiency evaluation. In addition of achieving a number of conclusions and suggestions by the paper to improve the level of process performance evaluation which it can be useful in planning and drawing economic the institution or the hospital

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