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A Proposed Firewall Security Method against Different Types of Attacks


Abstract:There are measures that can be taken to protect users from objectionable orinappropriate Internet content and secure the LAN from theft, modification, or deletionof data. Firewall is one of many security measures that can be used to protect networks.Although firewalls are powerful, they suffer from many types of attacks.This paper concentrates on one particular aspect, which is providing firewallssecurity against five types of attacks. These attacks are: SYN Flooding, Ping of Death,IP Address Spoofing, Impersonate one-half of a Session and Session Hijacking. Thiscan be done by building a specific strategy for a firewall; a strategy that has threeprocedures, some of which could be stood for more than one attack.

الخلاصة:ھناك العدید من طرق الحمایة التي تؤخذ بنظر الاعتبار لحمایة بیانات المستخدمین في الشبكات المحلیة المرتبطةبالانترنیت من السرقة والتحویر والتدمیر. اشھر طرق الحمایة لمواقع الانترنیت ھي أنظمة جدران النار، والتيبرغم قوتھا، فانھا تكون معرضة لعدة انواع من الھجوم. یركز ھذا البحث على بناء جدار ناري ضد خمسة انواعمن الھجوم، وذلك من خلال احتوائه على ثلاثة اجراءات یستطیع بعضھا مواجھة اكثر من ھجوم واحد.


Firewall --- protection --- Internet --- attack.

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