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The Human Body in Pre-Islamic Arabic Poetry
الجسد( ) في الشعر العربي قبل الإسلام

Author: Mo’yad M. S. Al-Yozbaky مؤيد محمد صالح اليوزبكي
Journal: Adab AL Rafidayn اداب الرافدين ISSN: 03782867 Year: 2005 Issue: 40 Pages: 167-184
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


This paper tackles the concept of the human body from a philosophical point of view and traces back the origins of human consciousness regarding the body as expressed in the Babylonian epic of Gilgamish in which the strength of the body was the basis of heroism.The paper focuses on the dimensions of the human body in pre-Islamic Arabic poetry which occupied a considerably important place of poetic consciousness before Islam where stature and biological performance in the different activities of life assume aesthetic dimensions epitomised in particular in the image of the knight hero. To add, this poetry attached great importance to the woman’s body taking it as an epitome of beauty expressing the taste of the age.This paper shows that the Arab in his search of immortality through such traits like chivalrousness and heroism immortalizes the vitality of the human body and its embodiment in the consciousness of society.

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