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دور القيادة الاستراتيجية في عمليات ادارة المعرفة"دراسة تشخيصية في ديوان وزارة النفط – دائرة المشاريع"

Authors: نسرين جاسم محمد --- علي حسون الطائي
Journal: journal of Economics And Administrative Sciences مجلة العلوم الاقتصادية والإدارية ISSN: 2227 703X / 2518 5764 Year: 2011 Volume: 17 Issue: 61 Pages: 1-25
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


The research deals with the important and modern two subjects, strategic leadership which have six demotions and knowledge management
(four demotions') . the gools & the research is to know the relation & the effect them in the oil ministry (project department) , the sample was (50) persons who works in the department the questionnaire was the tool of data gathering .
The research divided to four parties, the first to the theotical review of the research variables, the second to the research methrology, the third to analysis and discoed the empirical results the last to the conclusions and recommenda-tions .


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