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The Conception of Harvesting Water in The Glorious Qur'an
مفهوم (حصاد المياه) في ايات القران الكريم دراسة في الاعجازين البلاغي والعلمي

Author: Ahmeed Ameer Sultan أحمد عامر سلطان
Journal: Adab AL Rafidayn اداب الرافدين ISSN: 03782867 Year: 2013 Issue: 67 Pages: 165-188
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


This research reviews the conception of (HarvestingWater) in a modern scientific point of view ; dependingon Arabic and foreign scientific references. This researchpresents the components of harvesting water systemsrelating them scientifically and thoroughly with verses of theGlorious Qur'an , particularly verses from Al-Naml surah: "Ishe (not best) who made the earth astable ground and placedwithin it rivers and mad for it firmly set mountains and placedbetween the two seas a barrier? (No), but most of them do notknow. "

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