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Enhancement of Uniformity of Solid Particles in Spouted Bed Using Stochastic Optimization

Author: Ghanim.M. Alwan
Journal: Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering المجلة العراقية للهندسة الكيمياوية وهندسة النفط ISSN: 19974884/E26180707 Year: 2015 Volume: 16 Issue: 3 Pages: 23-33
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Performance of gas-solid spouted bed benefit from solids uniformity structure (UI).Therefore, the focus of this work is to maximize UI across the bed based on process variables. Hence, UI is to be considered as the objective of the optimization process .Three selected process variables are affecting the objective function. These decision variables are: gas velocity, particle density and particle diameter. Steady-state solids concentration measurements were carried out in a narrow 3-inch cylindrical spouted bed made of Plexiglas that used 60° conical shape base. Radial concentration of particles (glass and steel beads) at various bed heights and different flow patterns were measured using sophisticated optical probes. Stochastic Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been found better than deterministic search for study mutation of process variables of the non-linear bed. Spouted bed behaved as hybrid system. Global GA could provide confirmed data and selected best operating conditions. Optimization technique would guide the experimental work and reduce the risk and cost of operation. Optimum results could improve operating of the bed at high-performance and stable conditions. Maximum uniformity has been found at high-density, small size of solid beads and low gas velocity. Density of solids has been effective variable on UI.Velocity of gas and diameter of solid particles has been observed more sensitive decision variables with UI mutations. Uniformity of solid particles would enhance hydrodynamic parameters, heat and mass transfer in the bed because of improving of hold-up and voids distributions of solids. The results of the optimization have been compared with the experimental data using sophisticated optical probe and Computed Tomography technique.

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