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إنـسانية الإمـام الحسـين عليه السلام

Author: ذكرى رشيد بدن
Journal: The islamic college university journal مجلة كلية الاسلامية الجامعة ISSN: 19976208(print) 26644355(online) Year: 2017 Volume: 5 Issue: 43 Pages: 515-540
Publisher: Islamic University / Najaf الجامعة الاسلامية / النجف الاشرف


Imam Hussein (PUH) lighted an immortal torch that illuminates the path of humanity forever. During his life and through his martyrdom, he lined a path of truth and freedom for those who seek that path.This research review the humanity of Imam Hussain (PUH) from his birth and his upbringing and raising in the house of his grandfather, the Messenger of God (Allah bless him and his family) who guide him through childhood,and discuss the effect of his father, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (PUH) and his mother Fatima Al-Zahra (PUH) and his relationship with his elder brother, Imam Hassan (PUH) and his sister Zainab (PUH).The research discuss also his relationship with his supporters and enemies and will show the reasons that was led gradually to his revolt and why he sacrificed himself in order to maintain the continuity of the message of his grandfather (may Allah bless him and his family). His love for humanity, justice and the establishment of the right, and his fight with the oppressed against the oppressor formed the key points of his immortal revolution.To endorse Yazid, Imam Hussain (PHU) would no doubt will get a handsome reward and a life of luxury, but to refuse would invariably lead to his own demise In his letter to his brother Mohammed Bin Hanafiyyah,he stated the aims and objectives of his uprisingby writing:"And surely the aim of my stand is not inspired by vain exultation and it is also not for the quest of kingdom, Neither it is to cause dissension and corruption nor it is to wrong anybody unjustly.""The purpose of my stand is the reformation of my grandfather's nation. I intend to enjoin goodness and forbid evil. I want to emulate my grandfather, the Holy Prophet (S)and my father Alt Bin Abu Talib (A). He (PHU) believed that his true victory would be realized through his martyrdom, since there was no one else to stand up for the oppression. He knew that the nation would not wake up except by such a great shock. Lastly, all the good values and ideas of humanity were part of his soul, so he never support evil against right, not from weakness to strength, but tried to reestablish the foundations of morality that was brought by his grandfather (God bless him and his family) in order to achieve God's justice in the earth.In the end, he (PUH),one man stands alone against an army of thousands, refusing to surrender to his enemies.

1- ان الامام الحسين a هو معدن العلم والتقى وآية الصلاح والنهى وصاحب النهج السمح السويّ والذي لا يلحقه فيما حباهُ الله اللاحقون ولا يسبقه السابقون، فهو زرعُ الله وزرعُ رسوله وقد تربى على صدر أمير المؤمنين علي a وفي حجر سيدة النساء فاطمة الزهراء (سلام الله عليها).2- بقي الإمام الحسين a المتسامي العظيم في أخلاقه وانسانيته وعطفه وحبه وتواضعه، وقد شكل موئلاً لتصحيح عقيدة الناس ودينهم سواء في التوحيد أم في الإمامة المتمثلة بأبيه وأخيه وبهِ، وأرسى قواعد الأخلاق التي جاء بها الرسول الكريم محمد i والذي ذكره الله في كتابه الكريم [وَإنَّكَ لَعَلَى خُلُقٍ عَظيِمٍ]، سورة القلم (الآية 4).3- نهض الإمام بثورته الخالدة بعد ان كادت القوى الظالمة والكافرة أن تشيع الفساد والظلم والجور في الأرض فقام ثائراً مجاهداً في سبيل الله لتكون كلمة الله هي العليا وكلمة الذين كفروا السفلى، وللحفا على رسالة جده المصطفى i واستمرارها وليعيش الانسان من بعده حراً كريماً ينعم بالعزة والكرامة.4- لم يبخل الإمام الحسين a بنفسه طرفة عين محتسباً صابراً مقدماً أغلى ما يملك من أولاده واخوته وأنصاره كأنهم البدور الطوالع قدمهم قربان لله تعالى. ليترك لنا درساً عميقا وإنسانية عظيمة وذكراً خالداً راسماً للسائرين على دربه ونهج حبه وموالاته دوائراً متميزة لخدمة القضايا المقدسة وتحقيق عدالة الله في الارض وان لا يرزح الإنسان تحت ظلم العبودية مهما كان الثمن غالياً.

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