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Study The Effect of Process Parameters of CNC Milling Surface Generation Using Al-alloy 7024

Authors: Nareen Hafidh Obaeed --- Mostafa Adel Abdullah --- Momena Muath --- Maryam Adnan --- et al.
Journal: DIYALA JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES مجلة ديالى للعلوم الهندسية ISSN: 19998716/26166909 Year: 2019 Volume: 12 Issue: 3 Pages: 103-112
Publisher: Diyala University جامعة ديالى


A wonderful unique research developments inmodeling surface roughness and optimization of thepredominant parameters to get a surface finish of desiredlevel since only suitable selection of cutting parameterscan get a better surface finish, so the objective of thiswork is to study the milling process parameters whichinclude tool diameter, feed rate, spindle speed, and depthof cut resulting in optimal values of the surface roughnessduring machining AL-alloy 7024. The machiningoperation implemented on XK7124 3-axis CNC millingmachine. The effects of the selected parameters on thechosen characteristics have been accomplished usingTaguchi’s parameter design approach. The parametersconsidered are – depth of cut with two levels (0.2, 0.5mm), tool diameter with two levels (6, 8 mm), spindlespeed with two levels (1000, 2500 rpm), and finally feedrate with two levels (200, 500 mm/min). Analysis of theresults showed that the optimal settings for low values ofsurface roughness are large tool diameter (8 mm), highspindle speed (2500 r.p.m), low feed rate (200 mm/min)and high depth of cut (0.5 mm). Response Table for meanof surface roughness showed that tool diameter has themost effected factors (rank one) followed by feed rate(rank two) then depth of cut which is the third effectedfactors and finally spindle speed with the less effectedfactors of surface roughness (rank four).

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