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Issues-Possessors in Al-Shafiee jurisprudence and their effect to the creed development
أصحاب الوجوه في الفقه الشافعي وأثرهم في تطور المذهب

Author: Ahmed Mohyee Eldinn أحمد محيي الدين
Journal: Journal of Literature Ink مجلة مداد الاداب ISSN: 22226575 Year: 2012 Volume: 1 Issue: 3 Pages: 441-482
Publisher: Iraqi University الجامعة العراقية


Issues are the thoughts of Al-Shafiee's followers ( most mercy upon him ), that are members of his jurisprudence, bring them out according to his origins and devise them from his rules, they may exert in some cases even if they don’t take it from origins. The devised issue as to Al-Shafiee's origins and sayings doesn't descent to Imam Al-Shafiee mostly, because the saying of a man is what is stated by him, or indicated by the flow of text, and what he didn't say or didn't indicate to him shouldn't be appended to him, that’s why Al-Shafiee most mercy upon him said:" we can't append a saying to a silent ".

الوجوه هي آراء مجتهدي اصحاب الشافعي رحمه الله المنتسبين إلى مذهبه يخرجونها على اصوله ويستنبطونها من قواعده، ويجتهدون في بعضها وإن لم يأخذوها من اصول.والوجه المخرّج على أصول واقوال الشافعي لا ينسب إلى الإمام الشافعي على الأصح؛ لأن قول الإنسان ما نصّ عليه، أو دلّ عليه بما يجري مجرى النصّ، وما لم يقله ولم يدل عليه فلا يحلّ أن يضاف إليه، ولهذا قال الشافعي رحمه الله: "ولا ينسب لساكت قول"

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